Medicare Dentist In El Paso

You should look for a medicare dentist in El Paso when you have medicare. Medicare is one of the best option for insurance plan for people over age 65, but it is hard to navigate. At caribbean dental, we see a lot of seniors, we can help.

Medicare Dentist El Paso

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Why Look For A Medicare Dentist In El Paso?

Medicare insurance offers a dental component. The dental component of Medicare plan has its own sets of rules and may be hard to navigate. At Caribbean Dental, we welcome people of all ages, including senior patients. We have friendly staff that will help you verify your Medicare dental benefits. If you choose a dentist that accepts a lot of Medicare, not only is it more affordable, it would be easier because he understands the process behind Medicare insurances.

Common Medicare Dental Plans In El Paso, Texas

There are a few common medicare plan that offers dental plans in El Paso. Please note that insurance companies are ever changing, and this list may be outdated by the time you read this. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

1. Liberty Dental

2. United Healthcare


4. Humana

Dentist Experienced With Seniors

Here at Caribbean Dental, we have a lot of senior patients. Our staff love seniors, and our team is experienced with the unique dental needs of the senior patients. 

Please watch the video below. Our patient testimonials speaks for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions For Medicare Dentist in El Paso

We see a lot of seniors at our office. We are attuned to the unique needs of seniors and do our best to help them achieve good oral health.

If you find a medicare dentist in El Paso, Texas, the medicare plans will cover more because the dentist is in network. Thus, if you go to someone in your network, the dental work will be more affordable.

Dental Implants are usually covered partly by dental insurances. Medicare is a type of dental insurance. Your insurance set the prices for the dental implant. The cost of dental implant have dropped dramatically over the past few years. It can cost as low as $800 per tooth if your insurance covers a portion of it. If you don’t have insurance coverage, a single tooth cost around $2500-$3500. Book a free consult to get an exact quote today!