Wisdom Tooth Removal, El Paso, Texas

How do you know you need to remove your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom.

Around age 17-25 the wisdom teeth start to erupt thru the gums, and commonly there’s not enough room for them to fully come out, and when they do they’re often not straight. This causes several dental problems.

  • If there’s a gap between gums and the wisdom teeth that allows for food trap, this could
    cause a gum infection with pain and swelling symptoms
  • If you have had braces already, the pressure of the wisdom teeth pushing in could cause
    you’re newly straightened teeth to become crooked again
  • If the wisdom teeth doesn’t come out perfectly straight, it could cause
  • If you can’t open your mouth too wide it may be hard to get floss all the way in the back
    and long term the wisdom teeth could cause cavities on the teeth next to them
CBCT for wisdom tooth removal
State-of-the-art dental radiograph to check the wisdom tooth before it is extracted.

What age should wisdom teeth be removed?

You can get your wisdom teeth out as early as 15 or when the roots of the wisdom teeth start forming. Before age 25, the wisdom teeth is easier to take out and the healing process is a lot quicker. At your regular dental check up appointment we can evaluate if it is time for the wisdom teeth to be removed.

What are the risks of extracting wisdom teeth?

At your consult appointment we will evaluate your medical health to ensure you don’t have any health complications with the procedure. We will also take Hi tech X-rays of the jaw to evaluate how far the nerves are from your wisdom teeth and if there are any risks to having nerve damage. In some cases if the procedure involves extensive bone removal or risk of nerve damage we will
refer you to an oral surgeon specialist.

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Frequent Questions About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Is It Affordable?

At our dental clinic, we accept a wide range of insurances. In addition, we have many different payment plans so it is more affordable.

Will Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurt?

You will be numbed with local anesthesia, so that way there will be no pain. There may be some discomfort from the pressure from when the tooth get pushed out, but it should not be painful.

What Do I Do After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

After wisdom tooth removal, you should be careful when you eat in the area in the first few days. In addition, rinsing, blowing your nose very hard, and sucking on a straw can cause issues, so please do not do this for the first few days. After the first few days the blood clot in the area where the wisdom tooth is removed should stabilize, at which point it is safe to perform these actions.

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