Wisdom Tooth Extraction in El Paso, Texas

At Caribbean Dental, we have state of the art equipments to do most extractions effectively and safely. Ask about our $350 wisdom tooth extraction special! Conditions apply, must mention source at time of booking. Cannot be comebined with insurance or other offers.

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 Wisdom Tooth Extraction in El Paso, Texas

Why/When do you need to remove your wisdom tooth?

Most of the time, wisdom tooth extraction is needed because it is starting to cause problems or have potential to cause problem in the future. Here are some warning signs.

  • Inflammation in the gum at the back of your mouth- When you keep getting swelling in the back of the mouth, its possible the wisdom tooth is causing it. A lot of wisdom teeth grows in sideways and becomes a major food trap which causes your gum to swell up and sometimes cause major infection
  • Crowding- If your teeth are very crowded already, there may be no space for the wisdom teeth to grow in properly.
  • Pain- Sometimes the pain from wisdom teeth can be mild and comes and goes. You should not ignore these pain because sometimes as you let it progresses, the wisdom tooth can damage the teeth in front of it, or cause issues with the bone structure of the jaw.

How are wisdom teeth extracted?

 For wisdom teeth to be extracted safely, it is always best to take a whole jaw xray. 2D x-rays are called Panoramics, and 3D x-rays are called Cone Beam Computed Tomography(CBCT). 



Dentist Proudly Serving Military Families

We appreciate all the military personnel, ex-military, and their loved ones. We have several staff who have loved ones who are serving/had served in the military. We strive to provide high quality dental service at an affordable price as a thanks to your service and sacrifice.

Complimentary Insurance Filing

We can file your insurance claims for you as a courtesy. Our experienced billing staff can save you a lot of time by helping you deal with the insurance companies so that way you know you are getting the maximum benefit and that you are filing everything correctly.