Tricare Dentist El Paso, Texas

We proudly Accept Tricare Dentist El Paso, Texas

There Are Multiple Types of Tricare Dental Insurances

 The most common ones are:

  • Active duty dental program (ADDP)- Available to active military members. To be seen at a civilian clinic you must have a referral.
  • Tricare Dental Plan (TDP)- Dental Plan available to the family of service member. You can be seen at our clinic anytime by our in network Tricare dentist in El paso, Texas!

Tricare Covers Your Dental Exam and Cleanings!

 If you got to a tricare dentist in El Paso, Texas, these procedures are fully covered:

  • Simple dental cleanings and exams
  • Routine xrays
  • Sealants and fluoride
  • A lot of dental procedures are covered at a big percentage making the treatment more affordable!

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding using your Tricare dental insurance at a dentist at: (915)308-1089

Dental Insurance We accept in El Paso, Texas

General Questions

Is it more affordable to go to a dentist who accepts tricared dental insurance?

When you go to a dentist who is in network with your dental insurance, it would be more affordable than going to a dentist that doesn’t accept your insurances.

Does tricare dental cover Braces?

Tricare dental insurance covers a portion of Dental braces if you go to an in network tricare dentist.

Does Tricare Dental Cover Wisdom Tooth extractions?

If you find a Tricare Dentist in El Paso, Texas such as at Caribbean Dental, you will find the wisdom tooth extractions typically is covered at a big percentage, which makes it much more affordable.

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