Dentures in El Paso, Texas

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 Comfortable, Affordable Denture in El Paso, Texas

Why/When do you need Denture in El Paso, Texas?

Have you had one or more teeth extracted and are looking for a replacement? After having a tooth extracted, it’s important to find the right replacement option for you. Leaving your missing teeth as they are, including gaps, can have serious long-term problems. Facial muscle sagging, shifting of remaining teeth, and further tooth infection and loss often occur. Dentures are a solid choice, used by millions of Americans every day because they’re flexible to your individual needs. From partial to complete dentures, they can easily replace one or more extracted teeth—even your full set of teeth, top and bottom—meaning our denture dentists can always accommodate you.

Our team guarantees that your new teeth will be great for you. We have them built using molds of your mouth so that they always fit the first time you wear them, and they look just as flawless and natural as you’d ever dreamed.

    Type of Dentures

    Traditional Complete Dentures

    Complete dentures are what most people think of as dentures. These are removable false teeth that replace every tooth in your mouth or arch. With a gum-colored plastic base, traditional dentures hold a full set of porcelain or plastic teeth. They are custom-tailored for your mouth using molds made following your denture extraction. 

    Partial Dentures

    Not everyone needs to replace most or all of their teeth. For patients who only need replacements for a few teeth in the same region of the mouth, a partial denture is a great option. The replacement teeth, often made of acrylic or porcelain, will be attached to a pink plastic base similar to regular complete dentures. Partials use metal clasps to secure themselves onto the teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap, keeping them in place while speaking and eating.

     Immediate Dentures

    Immediate dentures, or temporary dentures, are false teeth that are made before your teeth extraction. With immediate dentures, you can walk away from your removal with brand new pearly whites. The molds are made before your extraction, rather than after as what happens with permanent dentures. However, because your bones and gums may shift over time, you may need your immediate dentures either adjusted or replaced.